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Last Will Testament. Writing wills is the first Global WILL Registry™ and the leading non-government and not-for-profit WILL registry in the world.

Both our directors have a combined 36 years of working experience in the financial, banking and wealth related industry.

Through their close working experiences with hundreds of financial advisers, lawyers, bankers, high net worth individuals and affluent professionals, they came to realize that practically everyone (from the high net worth individuals, to the affluent professionals to the man-on-the-street) has the same problem of communicating their Will locations to their loved ones.

"I've written my Will, but how do my loved ones know where it's kept when the time comes."

"I've communicated my Will location to my family members, but I'm sure they have forgotten the location as years passed."

The problem of locating one's Will is even more profound in this globalized world where many are residing and working abroad. It pose a greater challenge to their family members in locating their Wills if the unthinkable happens.

That's the reason why our directors decided to set up Global Will Registry™ to solve this widespread problem. They have also deliberately set a low one-time registration fees so that everyone can easily afford to register their Will location. provides a secure, fast, reliable and professional online database for anyone to register the location of their legal WILL today.

As a member, you can login to your user friendly account and update all of your important information, including your WILL's location anytime, anywhere and any number of times.

We are the first to allow the requester to view the WILL's location instantly - on screen - once he/she satisfies our strict information request criteria.

We are also the first to provide you with the option to automatically update your beloved family members each time your WILL location changed - just in case your forget.

We have heard stories of grieving family members struggling to search for their deceased's last WILL and testament. Many have spent weeks or even months searching for it without much success.

We understand what it's like to lose a loved one and we know that grieving family members want a fast, reliable and professional service that will allow them to retrieve the WILL's location of their deceased family member quickly, easily and if possible, instantly.

We understand that your loved ones don't want to search through numerous drawers, safe, cupboards or even the whole house to trace the WILL.

For some, the process can be frustrating because the WILL they find is not the latest. An ongoing search for the latest WILL can cause unnecessary heartache, tension and unhappiness between family members.

At, with a click of a button, anyone can use our FREE search facility to check whether their loved one's information is in our database, and if it is yes, he/she can request the WILL's location details instantly.

If not, he/she may want to recommend the loved one to register with today! (click here to recommend to your loved ones & friends).

Will writing. diy wills. Big FamilyBe the pioneer in your family! The first family members to register with us often realize the effectiveness, convenience and reliability of our services. They know that they are solving a potential problem for their beloved family members and they are the same ones who encourage their entire extended family members to register with

For example, an extended family may have 14 adults among the 24 members working in 3 countries in 2 continents. With family members all over the world, it can be virtually impossible to track or update the location of each family member's WILL. By registering with, all the adults need not worry about not finding each other's WILLs when the time comes. has done all of the tracking and updating for you. All this is attributed to the foresight of the pioneer in the extended family.

The peace of mind that we provided is what your family needs - now and in the future. Join today if you have not done so.

We are indeed the single, most effective WILL Registry for you and your family members.

If you are the pioneer in your family, we want to hear from you. Send us your story to with subject title: Pioneer Story.

Make WILL Location Known to Your Loved Ones.

But Keep WILL Contents Confidential.

Register NOW!

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